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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less - Marie Curie

Evolution 3 Security Services do not only offer security and protection to you as an individual, we also provide a high value courier service which protects your assets and goods, transporting them safely and keeping them secure from theft and destruction. Our high value couriers are talented individuals who can also work in effective security cells. Whatever your needs, our flexible agency can provide the bespoke service to suit your needs. Once you employ us, you and your goods will become our main priority. With us, you can know that your belongings are safe. Evolution 3 Security Services have couriered all manner of high-value belongings in the past, in the UK and further abroad. Our high value courier services have even been trusted to deliver goods as valuable as diamonds from Britain to Geneva. We have many satisfied customers; if you need a courier service for your most valuable belongings, you could soon be among them.

Delivery Courier Services

Our high value courier service is designed to offer the very best in bespoke packages, meeting the client’s needs, and keeping the goods handled safe and secure until delivery. We are a UK based courier company, but we also offer European courier service, and an international courier service that stretches to any continent. No matter what the package may be – if it is of high value, and requires safe delivery, use Evolution 3 Security Services. We will not let you down.

Courier Companies

The world is awash with courier companies right now. With the ever increasing prevalence of eBay, Amazon, Madbid, and many other such companies, secure delivery of goods has become a much-needed service. What makes Evolution 3 Security Services different, though, is our experience as security agents and experts in close protection. Many courier companies will deliver your packages, your books from Amazon, the toys you send to a niece in Australia, but would you trust them with your diamonds, your artwork, or an expensive and crucial piece of machinery. We wouldn’t. With such valuable items being delivered, you need to use people you know will keep them safe. Evolution 3 Security Services follow the same principles when delivering your goods as we do when protecting a person. We are experts in close protection and security, the two skills you need to ensure the safety of your goods. Unlike other courier companies, our high-value courier service works on the basis that the goods you trust us with are essential, and that we must do everything we can to ensure they are safe from theft, damage, and anything else that may be to their detriment. With Evolution 3 Security Services, your high-value goods will be our main priority.

Courier Collection Service

Evolution 3 Security Service also provides high-value couriers as a collection service. Our courier collection service works in much the same way as our high value deliveries. Whether collecting or delivering, we make a promise to provide the utmost service, keeping your high value goods safe, secure, and protected every step of he way.

High value goods are too important to take unnecessary risks with. Our unique services are the best way to keep your items safe from any harm. The bespoke packages we offer also allow our valued clients to have a lot of control over how their high value goods are handled, and what kind of protection they receive. Why take the risk that an ordinary courier company may not complete a safe passage for your package? Use Evolution 3 Security Services and see your high value goods handled by professional security agents who have been trained to protect no matter what the cost. We can help you, contact us today.

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